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Staff Accommodation

About "Yamanami Ryo"

In Japanese, the building is called "Yamanami Ryo".

It is approximately 150 meters (2 minutes walk) from Toomi Slope's base center "Escal Plaza".

The girls' dormitory is located on the sunny south side, and the boys' dormitory is on the north side facing the mountain.


If you are sending your luggage to the staff accommodation, please do the following: In the delivery address field, write "Yamanami Ryo" followed by your name. 


22184-10 Kamishiro, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, Japan

Goryu Staff Dorm "Yamanami Ryo" + (your name)

 What to bring for dorm life

  • Health insurance card (photocopy acceptable)

  • Identification document

  • Clothing

  • Shampoo and conditioner

  • Laundry detergent

  • Medicine

  • slippers

  • boots

  • warm clothes

  • Hair dryer

Hakuba Goryu Staff Accommodation

3 minutes walk to work

Wifi available


Most rooms consist of three sets of bunk beds.

The rooms are provided with a TV, humidifier, and vertical lockers. Floor heating is provided. 

On the 2nd floor of both dorms, there are loft bed rooms for private space use. 



Common room for men and women in the dormitory.

It has a table, sofa, mini kitchen, hot water heater, and air conditioner, but please use it so that it will not be noisy and disturb others. 


The men's dormitory has two bathrooms with a bathtub that can accommodate four people at the same time and four sinks.


The women's dormitory has a bathroom with a bathtub that can accommodate 10 people at the same time and 8 sinks.


Soap is provided, but please bring your own shampoo and conditioner. 

Mailing address/Inquiries

22184-10 Kamishiro, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture 399-9211 

Goryu Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Yokogawa Minamisawa 


If you have any questions about the dormitory, please contact 

For more information, please refer to the "Hakuba Goryu Dorm Rules" here.

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