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Hiring Winter Staff


Early sign-on bonus! 

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Staff accom


Free Food


Ride everyday


Meet new people



5 Reasons to work for HAKUBA GORYU

At Hakuba Goryu, we are actively recruiting staff for the winter season.

Winter is when Hakuba is at its most exciting as a snow resort. With over 10 different job positions from outdoor to indoor, you're sure to find a job that matches your skills and lifestyle.

One of the charms of Hakuba Goryu is that we operate night skiing every day. You can work during the day and ride after work. Or start your day with a morning shred session and work from the afternoon into the night. It's the perfect workplace for those who want to make use of their day.

Early sign-on bonus

Special allowance for those who contract early and work with us for an extended period!

 30,000 yen

Staff who contract by the end of October and work for more than 570 hours from December 20th to March 31st.

 20,000 yen

Staff who contract by the end of November and work from December 20th to March 31st.

 10,000 yen

Staff who apply and contract from December 1st onwards, planning to work for more than one month (day shift), and starting work by December 20th.

Choose your employment period

You can choose from three working periods: long-term, mid-term, and short-term. We particularly welcome those who can work for the full season, especially during the busy year-end and New Year period, with a special (*) higher hourly wage.

  1. Mid-December 2023 to April 7, 2024 (approximately 4 months)

  2. Mid-February 2023 to April 7, 2024 (approximately 2 months)

  3. Short-term part-time only for the year-end and New Year period

(*) We particularly prioritize hiring full-season staff (1) and busy season staff (3).

(*) For new lift and gondola operators, as well as restaurant staff who can work for 128 hours or more from December 20 to January 8, the hourly wage during that period will be increased to 1500 yen!

Employment Period

  1. From mid-December 2023 to April 7, 2024 (negotiable).

  2. Short-term part-time employment, including the year-end and New Year period.

  3. From early February 2024 to April 7, 2024 (negotiable)

※ Priority will be given to candidates for positions 1 and 2.

※ We are open to some flexibility regarding the duration of the period.


Competitive salary

We've increased the average hourly wage by ¥200 this year 

Qualification allowances available (for cooks, nutritionists, childcare workers, language proficiency)


Relocation or commuting allowances


Uniforms provided

Staff discounts

Discounts at Directly-operated stores:


Restaurants, Subway, Yogorino, shops, rentals, hot spring facilities, sports shops.

Season pass provided

Discounted lift tickets

Long-term employees are provided with season passes (*1).

Lift tickets for other ski resorts within Hakuba Valley are provided or available at half price (*2).


Family discount for lift tickets available.


(*1) Season pass for Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47 Ski Resorts (including night skiing at Goryu).

(*2) 1-day lift ticket for other ski resorts in Hakuba, Otari, and Ōmachi .

Fully equipped


Free bedding provided


Underfloor heating


Wi-Fi available.


Free laundry facilities

Delicious staff food

Dorm residents: 3 meals per day included (¥900 deduced per workday only).

Non-dorm: Lunch available (¥150 deducted on workdays only).


Be sure to check out our staff-exclusive menu on Instagram at "staffood"!

Courier service

usage assistance

For long-term residents, the company covers the shipping costs for two parcels of 160-sized items when leaving.


Staff Accommodation

The staff dorms are approximately 150 meters (2 minutes' walk) from the resort's base center "Escal Plaza" at the Toomi Ski Resort. The south-side of building is the women's dormitory, and the men's dormitory is located on the north side.

How To Apply

*Note: Applicants must have conversational-level Japanese (JLPT N3 equivalent)

You can apply through the online application form below.

You can also apply from your smartphone.

Once we confirm your application, we will contact you by phone.

Winter Applications closed until September

Please attach your resume (with a photo) created in Excel/Word and send it to As soon as we receive your resume, we will contact you.

Mailing address and contact information:

Postal Code: 399-9211 Address: 22184-10 Kamijo, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, Japan

Phone: 0261-75-2101


Contact Person: Yokokawa / Minamisawa Goryu Co., Ltd."

※ A telephone or online interview will be arranged to confirm your level of Japanese. You must be able to communicate with your Japanese teammates and superiors.

※ Please provide an email address that you check regularly to schedule an online or telephone interview




Phone/online interview

Send contract

Start work

Apply Now!

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