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Your "office" in the mountains

Welcome to Hakuba Goryu Mountain Resort

Welcome to Hakuba Goryu, an all-season mountain resort located in the heart of the majestic Northern Japanese Alps.

We are a team united by our passion for the unparalleled beauty of nature and our commitment to bringing out its magnificence to the fullest.

Our workplace is surrounded by nature in every direction - a 360° view of the great outdoors! During the winter season, we offer exciting positions such as lift operators, ticket center staff, rental services, and slope maintenance that can only be experienced in a snow resort.

In the green season, we are a high-altitude botanical garden, nurturing unique flora that can only be found here and assisting guests in savoring the colors of nature in every season.

We love nature, immerse ourselves in it, and work for its preservation. Being born on this beautiful planet, there's no more fulfilling job.

Starting tomorrow, these Northern Japanese Alps become your "office".

Embark on a journey to experience truly satisfying days, whether on or off the clock, that you'll never tire of, no matter how long you work here for.




The ski resort continues to record the highest number of visitors for a single mountain in Nagano Prefecture, and the unique appeal of Goryu is that it can be enjoyed not only in winter but throughout the year. There are jobs that can only be experienced here in Hakuba. 



  • A passion for working for nature
  • Friendly and trustworthy with the people you work with
  • Enjoys communicating with customers
  • A team-player who can take initiative



  • Work at a beautiful mountain resort
  • Full dormitory, full board, season ticket
  • High level of compensation and benefits
  • 200 colleagues
*Benefits depend on employment status


Come work with us!



We are actively hiring both full-time to part-time employees.

Find your fit with us here.

We are looking for permanent, year-round staff. We are a close-knit team that takes pride and joy in working for nature. Come join the Goryu family and work while enjoying the four seasons!

Sales & Marketing

F&B / Kitchen 

Year-Round Staff

In winter, guests from all over the world come to Goryu to experience the thrills that can only be experienced here! Join our friendly Goryu team and deliver world-class service to our guests together.


Part-time staff must be high school students or older.

We welcome anyone who enjoys communicating with our customers!

We welcome those who are healthy, cheerful, and diligent in their work! 


Winter Staff


Hiring Winter Season Staff

Enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders from all over the world visit Hakuba in winter. Hakuba Goryu is hiring over 180 people this season.

The perfect winter job awaits you!

Outdoor Jobs:


  • Lift attendant

  • Lift attendant (night lift)

  • Parking attendant

  • Weekend Parking lot attendant

  • Snow-maker Operator

  • Slope Groomer Operator

  • Snow Plow Operator

  • Shuttle bus driver

  • Ski patrol 

Indoor jobs


  • Restaurant Attendant *

  • Restaurant attendant (night shift)

  • Kitchen Attendant *

  • Restaurant: Subway *

  • Restaurant: Yogorino *

  • Restaurant (part time)

  • Front Desk

  • Front Desk (night shift)

  • Souvenir shop

  • Rental staff

  • Rental (night)

  • Burton Sports Shop

  • Employee cafeteria *

  • Clean staff *

  • Child care staff (qualified) *

  • Dormitory cleaning staff

  • Ticket sales



*Special allowances available for those positions


Staff Accommodation

The staff dorms are about 150m (2 minutes on foot) from the base center "Escal Plaza" on the Toomi slope. The south wing is the women's dormitory. The men's dormitory is located on the north side. 

How to apply


You can easily apply using the application form on this website. You can also apply from your smart phone. We will call or email you as soon as we confirm your application. 
Please send your resume created in Excel/Word, along with a photo, to Once we receive your resume, we will contact you by phone / email.
Address / Info
22184-10 Kamishiro, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, 399-9211 Japan
Contact Person: D Yokogawa, M Minamisawa
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